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Published Mar 25, 21
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A lot of this stereotype is a holdover from the Boom Era when everybody was smoking the light stuff…there’s much more from the DR to smoke than just some classic Connecticuts. The proof is in the numbers: in 2018, the island nation exported 118,200,000 premium cigars into the U.S., making the Dominican Republic the #2 source for America’s premium cigars — right behind Nicaragua (per the Cigar Association of America).

Clearly, then, there should be no shortage of highly-rated Dominican cigars — so we’re packing our travel humidors and heading to the Dominican Republic to find them, with a whole lot of help from Famous Smoke Shop customer ratings. A little clarification…yes, we review cigars. No, we do not rate them in Cigar Advisor.

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If those highlights sound too good to miss out on, you can judge if it’s a smoke worth your consideration. Oh, I’ll tell you if I like it — but we don’t say if a cigar is good or bad: what if I got the one bad stick in the box? What if I’m reviewing a full-bodied cigar, but I don’t really like to smoke them? What if I’m just having a bad day, or my taste buds are off? You’re a better judge of what you like than I am — but if I tell you a cigar sucks, and you pass on picking it up, you may have missed out on your new go-to smoke.

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So I’ll review them. But I’ll leave it to you to rate them. For real ratings, I always recommend you look to several different sources for their honest opinions. The professional reviewers in magazines and blogs are great, but unvarnished reviews from everyday cigar-loving people are an even better barometer.

Take $10 off $75+ in Cigars and Accessories! Use code SAVINGS10NJ20. Restrictions may apply.

I crave details: the good, the bad, the love and the hate — and the more, the merrier. I enjoy reading customer cigar reviews. They’re short and to the point; and I always give extra points to the guys that make me laugh out loud, cramming some really creative writing in a short space (note: I’ve obscured the name since we’re discussing the quality of the review — not the cigar).

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This is why Full disclosure: I took a slightly different approach to this top-rated Dominican list back in 2017, where I left off an important filter — the $10 cap. Back then, the price was no object; we just wanted to see what everyone considered the “best.” And we quickly ended up in a deep discussion of some pretty top-shelf stuff, including Winston Churchill and La Aurora Preferidos.

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Like last time, we have four simple criteria for a cigar to make our list:The cigar is made in the Dominican RepublicFamous Smoke Shop full retail price is under $10 for a single cigarNo fewer than 10 customer reviewsThe cigar has earned an average customer rating of least 4. 5 out of 5 starsJust so we’re all on the same page, here’s our rate & review policy — And yes, we post all the feedback…even the trash talk.

We’re only talking sub-$10 smokes today.“How come no Crowned Heads? And where the f@$% is ?” Yeah, they’re great cigars — but not enough people have posted their positive, independent reviews for us to get a true crowdsourced opinion, and that seems to be a common theme among the boutiques.

Take $10 off $75+ in Cigars and Accessories! Use code SAVINGS10NJ20. Restrictions may apply.

So let’s dive in to the top 10 highest-rated Dominican cigars under $10 apiece — which means smoking satisfaction is yours for less than the price of a bucket of chicken wings. The current cream of the Dominican crop, as chosen by your fellow cigar lovers…[Ed. Note: Customer ratings and prices are current as of Aug.

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It’s a straight-up medium-bodied smoke — so what makes this 6” x 60 such a crowd favorite? “Easy draw, even burn, great taste,” they say. A Fuente luxury smoke that belies its under-$10 price point: well-aged Dominican long-fillers, clad in a rich n’ sweet sun-grown Ecuador wrapper. The flavor is full, but that velvety Dominican style popularized by Arturo Fuente is on full display.

Additional raves for the Onyx Reserve Churchill call it “very good for the money.” It also plays nice with others: “Accompanies well with scotch, dark beers and good coffee.”When we end our cigar reviews, we often say, “This is who we think this cigar would be perfect for…” Macanudo is great for just about anybody — but the mellow taste of the Connecticut Shade-wrapped Court is an excellent candidate for a daily burner, for the smoker who’s short on time, and for the person who’s getting back into smoking cigars after some time away.